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3.2. How to Start A Meeting for your Professor

´╗┐If your professor is teaching remotely and has asked you to help get the class and zoom room started please follow these instructions below:

  1. Turn the room on. To do so, go to the touch panel on the table or teaching station and touch the screen. Once the screen wakes up, click "Start Presentation"
  2. Wiggle the mouse to wake the computer up. Once the computer is awake, click on the Zoom icon on the desktop
  3. If a login window appears, please close it. You will not be logging into Zoom on the classroom computer:

4. Navigate back to this screen. Click the "Back" button in the bottom left-hand corner:

5.  Click "Join a Meeting"

6. Enter your professor's meeting ID and type in the classroom number as the name. Finally, click join:

7. Your professor will admit you in from the waiting room. Please make sure to turn on the camera and microphone in the zoom room once you have joined. 

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