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2.11. Personal Meeting Room Settings

Please click this link to view the video tutorial

1. Go to asu.zoom.us and click Log In:

2. Make sure Meetings is selected on the left-hand side:

3. In the middle of the screen, select Personal Room:

4. Scroll towards the bottom of the screen, click on the Edit button:

5. Under Security, please make sure Passcode is turned off and Waiting Room is turned on:

6. Under Meeting Options, please make sure "Only Authenticated Users Can Join" is turned off. This is an extra security setting that is not necessary and will prevent guest speakers from joining your meeting:

7. If you are interested in adding an alternative Host, please enter their email address here:

NOTE: Only use alternative hosts if you would like to add your TA(s) as hosts to help facilitate class. If you would like to add an alternative host, please enter their username@asu.edu email.

8. Lastly, click Save:


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